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600W Spider LED grow light bar
600W Spider LED grow light bar

600W Spider LED grow light bar

Product ID : YH-GLST-600W
Product Tags : Spider LED grow light
Product Attributes :

266-312 USD

Different Parameters, Different Price. Price Reference Only.

0-10v dimmable full spectrum led grow light

Product Description

600W dimmable spider led grow bar

Product Description:

Structure & Material 

1. High performance aluminum alloy light bar, Fast heat dissipation, Uniform illumination , life span up to 50000 hours. 

2. Built-in aluminum alloy no flicker power supply driver. 

3. Better heat dissipation than plastic power driver 

4. Healthier than stroboscopics which could cause brain tumor. 

5. It has full voltage, high stability, high precision, high transformation efficiency, short circuit protection function. The use of aluminous shell for better heat dispersion and longer life time. 

6. We have rich experience in OEM/ODM. 

7. The ratio of full spectrum : scientific-proven ratio of full light spectrum which is suitable for different stages (with different height to plant) of plant growth and enhanceing photosynthesis.


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